Fascia Board Replacement and Repair in the Kootenays.

Fascia Boards describe the horizontal, outside facing edge just below your roof line.  Many house have these painted to match their house or with contrasting colors so they stand out.  Unfortunately with our winter weather we get in the Kootenays, painted wood fascia boards don’t last very long and they can start to rot and warp and degrade the look of your home or building.

TRS Gutters specializes in installing, upgrading and cladding fascia boards on your home or building.  For such a seemingly small project they make a big difference in your roof lines appearance and bring about an overal “finished” look to your home.

fascia-cladding-in-the-kootenays Why Install Aluminum Fascia Cladding?

No Need To Repaint – Aluminum fascia cladding can come pre-painted in colors that will compliment your existing exterior and Aluminum fascia cladding will never rot, fade or warp.

Low Maintenance – Fascias that aren’t maintained will warp, the paint will peel and they won’t look very good.  Aluminum fascia cladding won’t warp, crack or fade, it just needs the odd pressure washing now and then.

We Provide Fascia Replacement and Aluminum Cladding For:

  • New Residential Construction
  • New Commercial Construction
  • Retrofitting Older Homes
  • Retrofitting Older Buildings
  • Shops and Garages

If you are located in the Kootenays and need to have your building fascias repaired, replaced or covered with Aluminum fascia cladding by a professional then give TRS Gutters a call or fill out our estimate form today!

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