Make Sure You Keep Your Gutters Clean

Keeping the gutters clean on your home or building is an important part of your annual maintenance, yet for many reasons often gets neglected by property owners.  Your gutters sole purpose is to channel water from your roof down and away from your home.  When they are clogged up with leafy debris, pine cones, moss and grit from your roof they can’t do their job.

It’s pretty obvious when your gutters are clogged because they will fill up in a heavy rain and you’ll literally have water pouring out of the tops of the gutters.  Over time (think months or years) this equates to a lot of water pooling up where it shouldn’t.  Cleaning your gutters on an annual basis (or hiring someone too) is cheap insurance against costly water damage.

Cleaning Your Gutters Properly:

  • Safety First - Use a long enough ladder!
  • Clean ALL debris out your gutters.
  • Clean around ALL drains.
  • Open up your downspouts and check for clogs.

What About Gutter Leaf Guards?  Do They Work?

Another option available to homeowners who don’t want the time or maintenance costs involved with cleaning gutters every year is to have gutter screens installed.  They do work to some extent but that doesn’t mean you’ll never have to clean them.

Gutter Screens only allow the water through and prevent most  of the larger leafy debris from getting into your downspouts and drainage system.  Usually made out of aluminum or stainless steel gutter screens or gutter leaf guards are very durable and will last a very long time on your home or building.