Preventing Ice Dams From Damaging Your Home

Ice Dams are an unfortunate part of living in our climate.  It's a given in our region of BC that the temperature drops below freezing and stays there for extended periods of time. What Is An Ice Dam? If you have gutters installed on your home or building, you could have a problem with ice dams. When the temperature drops low enough to freeze, it even freezes the snow or ice in your … [Read more...]

Make Sure You Keep Your Gutters Clean

Keeping the gutters clean on your home or building is an important part of your annual maintenance, yet for many reasons often gets neglected by property owners.  Your gutters sole purpose is to channel water from your roof down and away from your home.  When they are clogged up with leafy debris, pine cones, moss and grit from your roof they can't do their job. It's pretty obvious when your … [Read more...]